[dropcaps]T[/dropcaps]he big Question:


Why has Thebe never won a SAMA award?

ThebeHe is one of the forefathers of Kwaito in the country; he has been in the music industry for decades.  He is still relevant and in demand all over South Africa, but he is still without an award. Thebe first became popular back in the 90s for his smash hit “Bula Boot” and he has continued releasing hits thereafter. This smooth dancer is adored by both young and old.

Unlike some South African musicians, Thebe has made a sustainable career in this industry. He still sells out at his gigs without releasing any new material, he has also managed to keep his fan base while still recruiting new ones.

“Groova’s prayer” is a party animal’s anthem, “Jika Uthi” makes you want to get up and dance, we could go on and on.

To cut this long story short, here is The Big Question… after so many years in the industry and so many fans, why has Thebe NEVER won a South African music award???

Perhaps this question should be directed to the SAMA’S committee or is the public at fault for never voting for him!

At this point, Thebe deserves a lifetime achievement award and not just any award.


What do you think? Please share your thoughts:

  • Tshepiso Precious

    Public is not voting or he is being overlooked due to music industry politics we don’t know about.

  • Shaun Miyen

    before we blame the public.
    he has never been nominated for a SAMA.
    how does the public vote for him when he’s never been nominated.

    Erratum: First hit “Philly” aka “Rea di busa”.
    “Bula Boot” came on the 4th or 5th album (Chizboy).

    Thebe fan signing out.