Meet Rāms – Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and producer who’s kept a fairly low profile for the better part of three years refining and perfecting his craft, he is finally ready to give the world the second chapter of his story through his debut single Chances (I’m in) – Produced by Muzi.

For those asking, “Who is Rāms?” Let’s start with the pronunciation, raah-ms, which is derived from the Latvian meaning for ‘serene, calm or tranquil’. It is a name that was inspired by a turning point in which he found reason to investigate his purpose in life.

What he uncovered was that the best way to live up to that purpose is to remain serenely self-possessed and free from agitation, especially in times of stress. He feels that this purpose translates to how he would like to find a balance between life, his music and his “listeners”, better referred to as FRIENDS as his whole movement is ‘NO FANS JUST FRIENDS’–

Debut single Chances (I’m in):